Howl’s Moving Castle (spoilers may be contained)

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I was finishing up some stuff. Let’s get started!

If you’re as crazy about anime as I am then you’ve probably watched a lot of anime movies. From the title you can probably tell that I’m talking about a fun Disney branch called Studio Ghibli. Like most movies they take originals and books, turning them into movies. On big film is Howl’s Moving Castle.

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars I rank 4.5 stars on this Hayao Miyazaki film. I give it such a high rating not because Miyazaki is one of my favorite directors but because of how well the story played out.


The movie is about a girl named Sophie Hatter who is cursed by an evil witch and goes on the adventure of a lifetime! It is from the hit novel by Diana Wynne Jones.


In comparison the movie is different from the book (but come on…what movie isn’t), but by themselves they are beautifully created pieces. There are many more characters that are not mentioned in the movie and the objectives are different.

For example: Howl is cursed and avoiding the job of being the kings wizard. These are in both stories. But the difference is that Howl focuses heavily on the curse (which doesn’t turn him into a bird man but makes his magic weaker)  and accepts the wizard job.

The movie starts at about the third or fourth chapter and leaves out the confusion of Sophie finding that her sisters (that’s right more than one sister) swap places. In many ways the movie stays very close to the book and only starts to separate when she reaches the castle (or meets the Howl…depending on how close to the book you want to be). There are many personality differences in the characters as well. Sophie stays much of the same except in the book she’s less reserved. The Scarecrow is scarier and working with the Witch of the Waste (and isn’t the prince). The wizard Suliman is a man and the prince and Suliman are chopped up and pieced together to make a new guy. Howl is colder and much more hidden with his emotions. Michael is manlier and slightly taller and thinner with a crush on Lettie (or should I say Sophie’s other sister).

Sorry I gave up so much information but that is not even the half of it!

The book is written as more of an adventure while the movie feels more like an adventure romance. While in the end Howl and Sophie fall in love and the spells are broken the same way it is still a great story and is a must have classic!

(Sorry for the poorly written review….I’m writing in a hurry.) I recommend this book and movie as a pair. Though different in many ways the movie actually does the book good.



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